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With Legendary Studio I support creative teams with the development of new products. In these teams we design, develop, prototype and market products and services. We can work on new products, rebuild old products or renovate existing products. We work for clients and enter into ventures.


My experience with developing products, my creative skills and my deep knowledge and vision on technology is proven to be a great foundation to support teams in their exploration for new products and services.


That is why I started Legendary.


Innovation Producer


Partners of Legendary Studio:
During my career I have worked with the best possible partners on very challenging and exciting products. Now at Legendary Studio I have selected the best of the best. I have had the privilege to work with all of them and know exactly what they deliver. Bringing products to market requires flexible partners that are experts in their field and have the ability to quickly adopt the context of the the new customer to be able to deliver the necessary components to our projects.


FreedomLab creates the perfect context for especially larger scale organisations to go through transformational change and also to venture into new disruptive territories. FreedomLab’s unique approach to guide companies through transformational change is based on years of experience. Next to that the FREEDOM LAB CAMPUS, where Legendary is located, there are experts and specialists in many fields to further support these transformations. Experts in for example: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Applied Gaming, Digital Product Design, Quantified Self and Maker Movement.


Building technological products requires “art” and “science” to fluently work together. The last years I have worked successfully together with Triple IT on several very innovative products. Their skills are far above market average. Delivering quality products in record times.


Building a community around a products requires brands with great narratives. Together with Maradona we bring these brands and narratives to life. They provide the

necessary creative work to engage customers with the products we work on. Rene en Sander are creative artisans surprising me continuously with their creative work.


Clients we worked with are amongst others ABN AMRO, Rabobank, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Randstad, NOS, Heijmans, TMG, Funda, Sanoma Digital, Warchild, UCB, Active Ants.


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We are creative and intuitive, We are storytellers. What we make matters. We are Legendary!


Business is changing. Technology is touching every part of a company. From connected and smart products to new ways of distribution and marketing. Also both product AND company lifecycles are getting shorter and shorter, as market disruptions seem to increase in volume and in speed.

On the other hand making actual physical products has never been as easy as it is now. With so many available tools and (web)platforms available  for e.g. protoyping(arduino, Pi, BLE, Smartphones, sensors), sourcing(Alibaba) and funding(Kickstarter, Shoplocket, Indiegogo), the threshold to develop and launch a product has become extremely low. We are living in a “hardware” renaissance.



In every project we touch we start with three very simple ingredients: a maker, a customer and a basic product idea. Before we get started on our creative journey we need to check if these necessary ingredients are in place because without it, the project is bound to fail. We will make the intentions of the maker clear(is there a purpose?), we will explore the context of the customer(what is the problem we want to solve?) and we shape an inspirational vision of the product(where is this going in the future?).




Keeping these three axes(maker, customer and product) in mind we start the development process of the actual product or service. A key step is the process is designing the team that will work on the project. Even in these challenging times where some resources may be scarce it is essential to spend time setting up the “founding team” of any new product. Legendary will take on the role of  “producer”. The founding team itself are the “musicians” that make the “music”. The actual magic process of designing the product can take on any shape. We have organized hackathons where products were build in one day or we have been struggling 2 years to develop the first actual prototype of a product. It all depends on the intentions of the maker, the customer context and the product vision. Our process of development is driven by stories and passion. Stories and passion are the ingredients that can take projects all the way to market launch. We have seen many projects fail by a lack of passion and or clear story that engages customers.



What we aim for with any of the projects we take on is to create resilience, engagement and value proposition within an entity. Through our experiences we found out that it is these three elements that in these volatile and chaotic times create a foundation for growth.  Matters like e.g. business model, revenue, distribution, marketing, culture and operations are all linked to these three elements. Have a look at the model below. It shows you how we go from intentions to resilience, from consumer context to engagement and from vision to proposition. As we get further in the process we translate abstracts words and ideas into tangible behavior, bits and atoms.



We developed a simple model that helps us transform from intentions, context and vision towards resilience, engagement and value proposition. We call it PRODUCT GRAVITY: the ability for a product to become and stay attractive.

Product Gravity Scan


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